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Add a little fun to your next spray tan at ROK Beauty Bar!  Tan Tatts™ are a stencil-like design which is applied to your skin before your spray tan, and removed afterwards, leaving you with a pattern on your body!  We’ve got butterflies, daisies, a crown, and angel wings, and there’s some for the guys too, just to name a few.  Place them wherever you like, and have as many as you want!  A Yin Yang on your shoulder or a kiss mark on your butt!  Tan Tatts™ start from just $5 and come in a range of different sizes. 

 **Please note that Tan Tatts™ work best with a Medium or Dark tan, and all have varying results depending on the placement, and how intricate the design is.  You will also need to be very careful for the couple of hours after your tan (before you rinse it off), so as not to smudge the Tan Tatt™ .

If you require a large number of Tan Tatts™ (eg. Bridal Parties etc), it would be helpful if you could let us know prior to your spray tanning appointment, to make sure we have your preferences in stock.


Nothing makes you feel more amazing than a spray tan!  A sun-kissed glow without the dangers of harsh sun rays – what more do you need to feel fabulous?  A spray tan does something magical to a person, giving instantly beautiful skin and even has a slimming effect!

ROK Beauty Bar is known for giving the most outstanding spray tans, using the gorgeous Australian made Azure Tan.  This stuff is unbeatable.  If you’ve never had an Azure Tan, you’ve never had a spray tan quite like this – it’s absolute perfection!  Azure Tan contains skin loving ingredients to moisturise and nourish your skin.  It has a two to three hour rinse off time, and light, medium and dark tans are available.  Azure Tan suits every skin type and tone, and combined with our amazing tanning machine which delivers an air brush like finish, it will leave you with the most natural, never orange, stunning bronze you’ve ever had!  Ever.  It’s just that good.

Our spray tans last 7-10 days with a little bit of care.  Using the Azure Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion extends the tan life and ‘tops up’ your bronze (optional).  And the best part is, a spray tan is only $35!  So whether you’re getting married, going to the Bahama’s, it’s your birthday, or you’re sick of looking like an albino vampire, get your tan on at ROK!



We are located only a short drive from Fountain Gate Shopping Center in Hallam. Give us a call to book in your next beauty treatment.

*Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.